The Brew Master visited with customers at the Duckweed Urban Market in downtown Tampa. Duckweed is an awesome market with a great selection of food & beverages. Go check them out when you can!

Tampa Bay Farmers Market just opened on Fletcher Avenue, between Rome and North Blvd. They have awesome produce, coffee, gourmet foods, plants, flowers ... and of course Toma-Tola Veggie Brew. You can check them out at

BREAKING NEWS: Toma-Tola juice is now available at Sanwa Farmer's Market, 2621 E. Hillsborough Ave., Tampa, FL 33610. They also sell produce, ethnic foods, and groceries. If you're in the area, check them out!

In October, three St. Joseph's Hospital locations held annual farmer's markets for visitors and employees,  with proceeds going to an employee emergency fund.  Tola Produce was honored to  provide the fruits and veggies, and this time around, Veggie Brew samples were available!  Look for Veggie Brew to soon be available for purchase at most Baycare hospitals in west  central Florida!

 The Brew Master served up some

Veggie Brew at Corbett Prep's pancake breakfast!  Toma-Tola also sponsored the all-important live auction paddles at The Big Event!

Toma-Tola Veggie Brew

Toma-Tola was the top-selling vendor at  Customer Appreciation Day at the fabulous Abby’s Health & Nutrition store in Carrollwood!