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About Toma-Tola Veggie Brew

about the brew

IT'S a family affair

       Alberto and Jemelle Tola started Tola Produce in 1997 with their passion for fresh, healthy eating in mind. Dozens of local restaurants and hospitals continue to use their farm-fresh produce in food preparation for their customers and patients.  Meanwhile, The Tolas' family recipe for the Veggie Brew became more and more popular among their friends and extended family.

     “I’ve always felt this juice was too good to keep to ourselves” says The Brew Master.  “I knew we needed to share it with everyone!”

     That was a pretty good bet! Restaurants and stores throughout the state of Florida are now getting onboard, offering  Toma-Tola Veggie Brew on shelves, in cocktails, and in main dishes.

Toma-Tola Veggie Brew